Shipping Labels:

The cost of shipping varies as a function of:

  • distance
  • box volume and dimensions
  • weight
  • speed (i.e. ground, express, overnight,..)
  • and other factors.

Please bring in your package so we can help you find the best and most cost-effective shipping option for your shipment.

Packing Service:

Have your items packed professionally for a small fee. Our packing specialists know how to safely box anything from delicate items to grandma's antique treasures.

      • Starting at $5 if you purchase a shipping label from us.
      • Starting at $20 if you bring a pre-purchased shipping label.
      • Pay only $5 if you want to pack it yourself using our equipment in the store.


        • Color: $1 per page
        • Black & White: $0.50 per page


Mailbox Rentals:

Conveniently receive your USPS, FedEx, and UPS packages and mail at our location in your own private mailbox.

  • Varying sizes
  • Starting at $95 per year



We hold a wide range of envelopes in all shapes and sizes at reasonable prices.